The winner, at least for historical data concerning the FTSE 100 index, seems to be Yahoo Finance (UK). By choosing "All data" in the time frame menu (if you don't know how to access stock market chart time frames - see our other pages in this section by clicking on the main trading resources page link below), you can get a chart that goes back to 1984. Even more interesting, by clicking on "historical prices", you can set your starting date and get the open, high, low, close in data form. Not only that, but you can also download the information as a spreadsheet in csv format. However, it only offers the last few weeks' volume data.

We haven't tried this facility for anything else so far. Otherwise, FT.com and CBSmarketwatch offer charts for the FTSE 100 that go back to 1988 or you could try livecharts.

At CBSMarketWatch (and probably also the FT site), we found a chart overview of the DJIA since 1970, the DAX (Perf) since 1994, the Nasdaq Composite Index since mid-1973, the Nasdaq 100 Index since 1999, the Japan Nikkei Average Index (225) since 1988. By choosing the large chart format, it's possible to make a price estimate to within 20 points or so. The Java format (in which, amongst other functions, you can move a line across the chart to get price data) didn't work over such a long period when we tried it.

You can also get long-term charts of UK stocks, e.g. Vodafone since 1989, or Boots since 1988.

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