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The Free FTSE Charts sites mentioned here offer 15-20 minute delayed prices.

Note: most of the sites listed enable you to choose between basic and advanced chart formats. Basic is normally pre-set, but quick and simple. Advanced allows you more choices in terms of format, indicators, etc. A few also offer Java charting functionality, which is even more interactive. However, not all Java functionality is available to Mac users.

Free Charts from Livecharts

Live Charts UK is an online provider of free real time trading charts. One of the most popular charts on the site is the live FTSE 100 chart,  as it is one of the only sources of a live FTSE 100 chart feed on the web. The charts provided can change timeframes between 10 second ticks,1 minute,10 minute,1 hour and longer term daily and weekly versions. The charts can be fully customised with indicators including macd and rsi and can be displayed in line,bar and candlestick views.

 The chart page also has real time quote tables for other european  indices,currencies and commodities on as a market snapshot. No membership is required for use of the site.

Free Charts from Yahoo Finance (UK)

The home page already offers you a quick, intraday FTSE 100 chart with the current price, net price change and percentage price change (all delayed by 15-20 minutes). It also provides the same information (without charts) for the the FTSE techMark, Dow Jones, S&P 500 stockmarkets as well as the dollar and euro rates.

If you wish, click on the FTSE 100 link on the right-hand side under "Market Summary". Here you will find the previous day's closing price, the day's range and the 52-week range (i.e. high and low).

To access more sophisticated charts, click on the time frame options under the chart. You can choose a variety of financial technical analysis indicators, including Bollinger bands, moving averages, MACD, RSI, stochastics, ADX (referred to as DMI), etc., and timeframes.

Still under the "detailed" view, click on "components" to get the share prices (net change, percentage change, volume) of the FTSE 100 companies. Click on any of the stock quote symbols on the left-hand side to get current stock price, previous close, 52 week high and low and a small price chart. Or, from the home page, you can also click on the FTSE 100 link under "Investing... Today's Markets" on the left-hand side. From here, click on links to charts to get the chart, or news, reports, etc.

From here, or from the "detailed" view mentioned above, you can also get stock market prices and charts for the FTSE 250 as well as the AIM index, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax 30 and Eurostoxx 50 and prices by sector by clicking on the links just above the stock "quotes" sections along the top.

(If you're not sure that you understand the significance of the information, check out our courses. To do so, simply click on any of the links in the menu on the left-hand side of this site.)

The Yahoo Finance (UK) site has several other useful free services. Other features are described on the relevant resource page.

Free Charts from The Financial Times -

The Financial Times should not require an introduction. However, many people are not as familiar with the web site as they are with the appearance of the famous pink-paper newspaper.

This site offers more attractive stock charts than Yahoo - and a wealth of information on UK stock market and company news (as, indeed, does Yahoo Finance). Registration for interactive charting is free. For quick chart views of the FTSE 100, FTSE-All Share and techMark, click on "Markets", then "UK equities".

On this page is a link to interactive charting. Curiously, every time we tested this link... we were automatically presented with a chart of AT&T on the New York Stock Exchange! Nevertheless, you can type in a company name from here. Don't forget to choose from the country list or type in the country abbreviation followed by the stock symbol (if you know it). You will see a 1-minute price chart (delayed by 15-20 minutes). To get a longer time frame and access the interactive charting features with technical analysis indicators, choose from the menu under the company chart.

We haven't yet come across any stock market index company list.

Alternatively, if the company is one of the 25 highest gainers (or losers, or most active) on the stock market index, go to "Market Data and Tools" and click on the link from there.

Premium information, such as the prestigious Lex column, requires a paid subscription. If you have difficulty deciphering the mass of figures that appear in the printed version, the FTS Stock Market Essentials Courseshows you how to speed-read and glean the essentials of The Financial Times stock market information in under 5 minutes.

Free Charts from

This site is more US-oriented than So don't exp ect the same breadth of UK-related news. However, you can access the same UK stock market charts from this site - with the same technical analysis indicators. The shortcut symbol codes are the same as those used on To access the FTSE 100 chart, click on "International indexes". Registration for interactive charting is free. To access UK share charts, enter the name of the company on the search menu, or enter the company symbol code ("ticker") if you know it.

Unfortunately, doesn't seem to exist any more. Nonetheless, some information on the UK can be found at the American parent site: - if you know where to look! You won't find much UK-related financial information by clicking around the home page.

The secret is to scroll down to the bottom and click on the site map, or simply click on the direct link here. From here, click on "international indexes" and choose FTSE 100 (or another index) . It will offer a simple 6-month chart. If you click on "Chart the performance..." under the chart, you will then find a 20-minute delayed intraday chart. You can also select a weekly or yearly view. The are no technical indicators on offer. However, it does provide volume bar graphs.

An interesting feature is the Market Movers by Index(the link is just above the world indexes link). Here, you can choose between several indices, and find a list with the price and volume overview of the component companies. Click on the ticker symbol of a company and it will provide a brief overview and a chart performance comparison with its sector.

Free Charts from

This site provides stock market index prices along the top. Here's a trick: to access the stock market index charts, try to click on the name of the index as it streams across the top of the screen.

To access FTSE 100 component company prices, pass your mouse over the quote menu and select your choice. Also offers prices f or FTSE 250, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Fledgling, AIM, techMark listed companies, etc.

Important warning about stock market charts, especially on and CBS.MarketWatch

If you use the technical analysis indicators on and CBS.MarketWatch - note that the colours of the signal lines and the main indicator lines on one site are the OPPOSITE of the colour of the signal and main indicator lines on the other site! Be warned!

We have also noticed that, for certain market indices, the longer-term chart views may not be updated for several days. In other words, if you choose a 3-month daily chart of the Nikkei 225, it may still show the "latest price" of several days ago! If in doubt, check the 1-day daily price, and compare it with the price information on another site. We found this bizarre, as one would have thought that the information would have been automatically updated via their database. Always check the date and time on the chart.

This phenomenon may also occur on other sites, so beware.

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